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Pet Parents: Choosing The Right Furniture

  • Apr 17, 2019

Pets dramatically improve our lives in many ways, but they can also make it difficult to keep a house looking neat and orderly. If you’re shopping for new furniture, you might be concerned about its longevity. What can you do to make sure that your next furniture purchases fit in with your furry friends? Here are a few things to consider.

Don’t Be Afraid of Leather

Many pet parents hesitate to purchase leather furniture because they’re terrified that it’s going to get scratched and scuffed. Here’s the secret: high quality leather goods are the best option. When high quality, thick leather is scratched, it can be oiled and buffed. High quality leather can be patched, and it ages nicely with time. Perhaps more importantly, high quality leather doesn’t let any fur stick to it: the fur just wipes right off. And it doesn’t retain odor the way that fabric frequently does.

Trying to go cheap with fabric furniture isn’t the answer, because it’s going to end up getting covered with fur and allergens (not great for the guests), and it’s going to be more likely to rip and tear (because it’s a thinner material). Further, cheap, fake leather also isn’t the answer: that will rip and tear, and it’s not going to be easily fixed.

Match Your Shades to Your Pets

If your pet is white, you don’t want dark-colored furniture — and vice versa. You can minimize the appearance of pet shedding by purchasing furniture that matches your pets, but make sure you know exactly what shade your pet’s shedding really are: the undercoat of most cats and dogs will be lighter than their actual fur color. You can pull fur from a brush to see.

Obviously, you don’t need to match all your furniture directly to your pet (and if you have multiple pets, it may be impossible), but you at least don’t want a high contrast situation like a white couch and a black cat. Neutral tones such as gray and cream tend to go with most fur colors.

Avoid Suede and Large Weave Fabrics

While leather is great, suede is not. Suede is durable in some ways, but it’s very hard to clean properly. It can be easy to stain, will need professional cleaning and is more difficult to patch and repair than regular leather furniture. It also tends to be difficult to remove pet fur from suede.

Weaves, like twill, also tend to have a problem with pet fur. Large fabric weaves are going to capture pet fur in them, making it hard to remove the pet fur once it really sinks in. Unless you want to have to regularly remove fur with an adhesive brush, twill and other weaves will be out. In general, cloth and microfiber aren’t good choices, due to odor and staining.

Consider Other Strategies

In addition to making sure that you have the right furniture, get the right accompaniments. If you have cats, a scratching post is going to make it easier to keep the cat from damaging your furniture. Likewise, whatever type of furniture you have, it’s a good idea to purchase a protective cover or make sure there are blankets laid down before pets get on it. A little extra work can go a long way, such as Scotch guarding furniture when it’s acquired.

Having pets doesn’t mean you don’t get to have gorgeous, luxurious furniture. In fact, the opposite is often true: many pet owners find that purchasing more expensive furniture means that their furniture will last longer, and they’ll spend less time repairing and maintaining it. To get a free quote about custom furniture just for you and your needs, contact Interiors Made Eezzy today. You can also call them at (310)-842-7265!

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